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The two met at The Beverly Hills Hoteland the conversation turned to juvenile delinquent gangsa fairly recent social phenomenon that had received major coverage on the front pages of the morning newspapers due to a Chicano turf war.

As a result, by opening night on Broadway, none of his collaborators were talking to him.

West Side Story

The gangs meet under the highway and, as the fight between Bernardo and Diesel begins, Tony arrives and tries to stop it. The next day, Maria is in a very happy mood at the bridal shop, as she anticipates seeing Tony again.

Riff helps them let out their aggression "Cool". Before he goes, they dream of their wedding "One Hand, One Heart". Bernardo meets up with his friends. I may use mirrors or reflectors to use more lighting B Maria takes the gun from Chino and accuses everybody in sight of the deaths of Tony, Bernardo, and Riff.

The families, Montague and Capulet, have hated each other for over many generations without the audience being given a reason. Both of the dramas take different paths, with various twists, and turns, but the final destinations are the same.

Serenade ultimately was shelved. Wherever possible in the show, we have tried to heighten emotion or to articulate inarticulate adolescence through music, song or dance. She appears on her fire escape, and the two profess their love for one another " Tonight ".

Robbins demanded and received a "Conceived by" credit, and used it to justify his making major decisions regarding changes in the show without consulting the others.

In the midst of the fight, Bernardo kills Riff. The sound of approaching police sirens is heard, and everyone scatters, except Tony, who stands in shock at what he has done. This is followed by a monologue by the ineffective Lt. The two draw their switchblades and get in a fight "The Rumble".

When he opted to drop out, the three men went their separate ways, and the piece was shelved for almost five years. In black anger, Anita delivers the wrong message -- she says Maria is dead, shot by Chino for loving Tony.Romeo and Juliet - Comparisson to West Side Story Essay () and West Side Story () were so successful.

Shakespeare's play and the two movies modeled after it have many similarities and many differences, but one thing remains constant in all of them, They all use universal truths to relate to their audiences.

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West Side Story And Romeo And Juliet Film Studies Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet have a number of similarities and differences in many ways. The play, Romeo and Juliet, is set in Verona in about In contrast, West Side Story takes place in New York City in Read this Music and Movies Essay and over 88, other research documents.

Romeo and Juliet vs West Side Story

West Side Story. West Side Story In this musical, it uses several types of narratives, for example, after the fight between the Jets /5(1). West Side Story Anaylsis essaysAs a contemporary musical, West Side Story differs from Romeo and Juliet in form and detail, but stays true to the tragedy of innocent love caught in a complex social web that predestines its demise.

In West Side Story, love at first sight between Tony and Maria set. Feb 19,  · Bernardo (George Chakiris) and Anita (Rita Moreno)are hot, hot, hot! Everyone in this film is excellent, but these two really stand out.

No wonder they both.

West side stoyr essay
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