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If you put two genial people together under one roof, no matter what their differences are, they soon start being nice to each other. Enraged, she returns to London.

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As the two reconcile, Narayanan enters, with a prospective victim Udhayanidhi Stalin to trick, and shows him the house. After taking her on a trip to Theni, he realizes that she does not reciprocate his feelings.

Did we learn nothing from "Silver Linings Playbook"? It lets off that distinctive template rom-com vibe and it is never not predictable. Three months later, as Anjali wins her photography contest, Deepak tells her that Narayanan had told him everything from scratch, and convinces her that she loves Ajay and vice versa.

She asks him why he did not come to woo her for the last three months in London. However, he does not reveal to Vanakkam chennai of his feelings. Anjali Priya Ananda photographer from London is also in the city to capture the South Indian culture on camera. We know that they will eventually come together and we will walk out of the theater with a hope that they will stick happily ever after.

Narayanan continues to try to getting Ajay and Anjali together, but with no success. Ajay and Anjali pay the rental money to Narayanan and end up signing the same house.

A general word of advice to young actors from yours truly: The character of Anjali is written as a self-reliant woman who is intent on spending her own money, despite having a rich father we are reminded of this fact on more than one occasion.

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The first half goes without any major hiccups, before the film commits Vanakkam chennai first big mistake. Also, it should have avoided using Santhanam.

I am a hundred percent certain nobody in the audience remembered the contest, let alone cared about the outcome. She seeks legal advice to find a solution to her problem in an unfamiliar city.

Meanwhile, Anjali realizes that she loves Ajay, but is angry at his behavior under the influence of alcohol. But "Vanakkam Chennai" is still just an okay-ish Rom-com that is hard to hate. Just when, they find each other and are about to confess their feelings for one another, due to a misunderstanding, Anjali thinks that Ajay and Narayanan are tricksters and have planned the whole same house plot.

Anjali meets him at last and is thrilled. In spite of having every reason on earth to use an airport climax, "Vanakkam Chennai" is kind enough to save us that cliche. It is does very little to reinvigorate a stagnant genre. But it makes up for this benevolent act by adding a few more instead. The film has a light tone and lead actors are immensely likable.

This unnecessary scene is a not funny and b very uncharacteristic of Anjali. They squabble and argue a lot, but soon Ajay falls in love with Anjali.

The lead characters in this Rom-com are basically like a pair of strong magnets who are placed close enough but held apart for 2 hours. Unable to find another house to rent, the duo decide to stay together, till they find Narayanan.

Anjali even goes ahead and wins the photography competition. The film concludes showing the same deceiving trick that brought the couple together.

At the same moment, Ajay opens the door and finds his passport that he was looking for. I am guessing he landed the role after Evam Karthik turned down the offer. Priya Anand looks utterly gorgeous in every frame. Anjali comes back to their apartment, and looks for Ajay, but does not find him.

He tries to make Anjali fall for Ajay. Then why did the film go ahead and add one more cliche to its repertoire, when letting Anjali lose would have earned it brownie points from me?

A classic rom-com premise. She is a smart girl who knows what to say when trouble in the form of a creepy taxi driver is brewing. The duo are deceived by Narayanan Santhanama real estate brokerwho rents out unoccupied houses without informing the house owners.

The trick is to keep us invested till the end.Welcome to the crazy world of Ajay and Anjali and be a part of their romance, arguments, differences, trust, care and madness. Ajay and Anjali are swindled by a house agent and end up renting the same house. Vanakkam Chennai is an Tamil comedy movie written and directed by debutant Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi.

Produced by her husband Udhayanidhi Stalin under the. Vanakkam Chennai Movie Songs, Vanakkam Chennai Mp3 Songs, Vanakkam Chennai Tamil Movie Songs Download, Vanakkam Chennai Starmusiq Songs Free Download. Movie Name: Vanakkam Chennai Music: Anirudh Ravichander Starring: Shiva, Priya Anand, Santhanam.

Director: Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi. Oct 11,  · Review: Vanakkam Chennai uses one of the sub genres of the rom-com genre — the triangular love story. Here, Anjali (Priya Anand), a London-born Tamil girl who has come to India, should makeup 3/5.

Download Vanakkam Chennai songs,Vanakkam Chennai mp3 songs free download,Download Vanakkam Chennai Tamil in zip/rar format at. There are no critic reviews yet for Vanakkam checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates!Genres: Comedy, Romance.

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