Rotary table and sample holder for

Now about those central spigots I mentioned Basically, I needed some T-Nuts to fit the table, as well as a little fixture that makes it easy to hold a plate up off the table through a hole in the center so you can machine it.


There are two steps. This is an absolute must have item for the shop, and I regularly think to myself: Locating Spigots, turned on the lathe as required for a given part.

A Blake Coaxial indicator will make this last even simpler. Turn the indicol around on the spindle and adjust the handwheels until the indicator stays put relative to the spindle position.

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The table is made from aluminum alloy, mainly because it is in plentiful supply in my area yet good quality steel is non existent. Here I have just finished milling the slots that will be used when clamping the Plate Milling Fixture to the table A proper adaptor plate Fitting a Chuck to the Rotary Table Having a 4-jaw chuck on your rotary table is mighty handy!

As often as not, the part being made will have a central hole, around which a curve is being concentrically milled. The Vertex 6" rotary table is incredibly useful in my shop. T-Nuts are easy to make: Shop made Clamping and Holding Kit, with a number of different holding options. There is an M6 thread running down the center of the Morse taper register, that gives the option of clamping the part from above.

The latter, what I call a "plate machining fixture", was inspired by something similar I saw the Widgitmaster of CNCZone fame using to make Dremel clamps for his mini-router: You can simply use the X and Y table handwheels to do this.

This means there are plenty of hold down options available, and the dowel pins can be placed wherever required to restrict rotational movement. Additional clamping can also be brought to bear as required using the rest of the table holes. This is a 5 inch by 3 inch piece. Rotary Table Rounding Fixture The rotary table with a chuck mounted is a good place as any to set up a rounding fixture.

You can see this in action at about the 3 minute 30 mark in the video below.

Rotary table

Here is the plate milling fixture in useFind your rotary table easily amongst the products from the leading brands (KUKA, Kitagawa, Haas, ) on DirectIndustry, the industry specialist for /5(6). The sample is mounted on the rotary drive using standard universal disk holder or by using a center hole on top of rotary table.

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Ajax Industries is a leading manufacturer of Lathe Chucks & Jaws Providing our Customers with. Dividing Plate Set for 16" Rotary Table Part # The dividing plate accessory () is used to divide one ° table rotation into and all divisible by 2, 3, and 5 from equal divisions.

Rotary table and sample holder for
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