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Furthermore, attention will be aimed to substantiate the untenable view of skepticism; likewise, to show that truth can be acknowledged. As Plato indicated that the sunlight would hurt the freed prisoners eyes, leaving him momentarily blind. The objects making the shadows in "The Allegory of the Cave" are also creating a false conclusion for the prisoners.

A contrast between these have to do with events pertaining to awareness and perception of false reality. Much like Neo from The Matrix, this man chose to briefly continue believing the lie, since it was more familiar. In the movie "The Matrix, a character named Chypher tells this to Trinity, "I think the matrix can be more real than this world.

Neo, while on the computer, also has that same pondering idea, to learn more about the truth. Neo discovers that what he has been presented with his entire life is only reflections or merely shadows of the truth. Every thought, impulse, response, or command the brain preforms, is controlled by this external power.

Compare and Contrast Essay: The Matrix, Plato, and Descartes

When Neo is revived from being detached from the pod, Morpheus tells him what state the world is in now and Neo is in a state of disarray and denial. The theme is recognized throughout the movie as we see many objects, as well as Neo, reflected in other objects.

Similar to the prisoners of the cave the humans trapped in the modern day puppet-handlers the machines want them to see. In the movie "The Matrix", Neo the main character was born into a world of illusions called the matrix.

In both "the Matrix" and "the Allegory of the Cave" the puppeteers have created an artificial surroundings as a way to control and manipulate the information the prisoners receive. Deep within the cave the prisoners are chained by their necks and have a limited view of reality. In "The Allegory of the Cave," Plato also stated that eventually one of the prisoners, who Plato would say was the philosopher or intellectual, would break free from the cave and into the outside world.

These three views have materialized at different time periods in history. The Matrix, youngest of three, was released in According the Plato the freed prisoner would have to wonder where the shadows came from or even what there was beyond the cave.

This movie was considered an action packed science fiction, which was followed by two sequels. The prisoner would try to think that what he saw and experienced before was truer than what is he sees now.Author Tutor Course Date The Matrix with the reading from Plato and Descartes The most apparent similarity between the film The Matrix, Descartes’ Meditation, a.

Plato, Descartes, and the Matrix Essay Sample. Deception is the foundational issue prevalent in The Matrix, Plato’s allegory of the cave, and Rene Descartes meditations.

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Plato’s cave myth has been a wonderful allegory for the quest for knowledge for 2, years. Plato published this cave myth in The Republic; the allegory of the cave. plato vs matrix Essays: Overplato vs matrix Essays, plato vs matrix Term Papers, plato vs matrix Research Paper, Book Reports.

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Comparitive Essays Plato Wachowski Brothers Personal Essays Plato Matrix Compare Essays] Powerful Essays words ( pages) Essay on Allegory of the Cave vs The Matrix There are examples everywhere of classic stories or themes expressed in new formats.

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