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Therefore, one regional office should be considered. This is an add-on cost to a farmer in addition to labor cost. As the number of units sold goes up, the price will eventually come down and the free trial will be discontinued.

The initial distribution should focus on Pacific region since the company has done tests there and has a physical presence. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Innovations in the housing and care for egg laying hens lead to the consolidation of commercial egg laying farms from over 5. The pecking order is a social tool that chickens use to order chickens in a group and to identify dominance within the flocks.

The constricting nature of the industry leads me to believe that the largest and most innovative farmers will buyout the smaller farms. ODI lens benefits include 1 decreased cannibalization rate 4. Web pages that may contain costumer reviews are crawled In order to gain the most advantage from their long-term license with New World Plastics and patent for the lenses, ODI must establish themselves as a differentiated brand that will be able to with stand the pressures that will come as much larger and established agricultural suppliers enter the chicken contact lens business.

The awareness advertisement must be made in the industry publications, supplicated with the results of the trials. This only pertains to the percentage of lenses bought from the initial distribution. This percentage can be spread through the year.

Communicability — The degree to which the benefits of the new product are observable or describable to others. For Skimming with Free Trial option ODI must introduce a batch of lenses to farms in each segment distributed proportionally to the farm?

The Pacific region is the logical choice, since ODI already has an office there and has conducted tests in the region.

More essays like this: And the same principle applies internationally when farmers are free to trade and travel, whether it is with Blurred lenses became the solution Clarke,p.

New World Plastics owned the patent for hydrophilic polymer and ODI CEO Daniel Garrison was able to work out a deal for a long-term license for the exclusive use of hydrophilic polymer for non-human applications.

However, now the company ran into a new problem: Due to lack of awareness among consumers about the benefits of the product, the perceived value of ODI lenses is almost zero.

To cover the costs of operating the western region office, they would need to sell over 4 million lenses alone. The Accord Framework reveals the following: For Penetration with no Free Trial strategy?

Optical Distortion, Inc (ODI) Essay

ODI should adopt Odi contact lens marketing strategy essay free trial approach followed by skimming pricing. It does not include the additional lenses purchased neither it takes into consideration the imitator effect of other farmers.

There must be a considerable personal involvement of a salesperson concerning the progress of the farmer? The initial distribution should focus on Pacific region since the company has done tests there and has a physical presence.

The free trial should last for 3 month. By putting lenses in the eyes of the chickens that impaired their vision and reduced their range of sight to just 12 inches, the farmer could control how well the chicken could see. Since the product is in the introduction phase of the Product Life Cycle, an extensive promotion to raise product awareness with emphasis on economical benefits and product ease of use is required.

The reduced vision from the contact lenses helps preserve the life of chickens, increase the productivity of egg laying and reduce costs for farmers using the lenses for their flocks. The Accord Framework reveals the following: ODI lens benefits include 1 decreased cannibalization rate 4.

This is an add-on cost to a farmer in addition to labor cost. As the number of followers grows, ODI will be able to discontinue trial and lower the price of lenses. The number of adaptors after a trial is critical to the ODI?

By being first to market and having 3 years to educate farmers, ODI stands a decent chance to accomplish their goal of nationwide penetration and differentiating themselves as a name brand that offer quality, innovation and experience. Being unique, there is no competition to the product in the market and hence ODI has the first mover advantage.

There are three main consumer segments; Small Farms 10, or fewer birdsMedium Farms 10, birds and Large Farms over 50, birds. In a low margin industry such as chicken farming, the investment in risky technology is much lower.Read this essay on Odi Lenses.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. (ODI), had asked Ronald Olson, marketing vice president, to develop a marketing plan for ODI’s new and only product—a contact lens for chickens.1 While contact lenses serve mainly to improve human eyesight, the lens developed by ODI was made to.

Excerpt from Essay: Optical Distortion The purpose of ODI was to develop a product that could partially blind chickens, which would lead to their consuming less and saving farmers money over the duration of the chickens' mint-body.com product that ODI developed was a contact lens for chickens.

The analysis in this paper provides recommendations for ODI on their marketing and pricing strategy to launch this new product. Introduction Optical Distortion Inc. is a small new company with a patent for an innovative new product which is a contact lens designed to impair the eyesight of chickens.

More about Essay on Optical. In addition to ODI’s patent, ODI had signed a contract with New World that it couldn’t offer the polymer, the main material for the contact lens, for other firms who also intended to enter the market, and prevent others from using the updated products.

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ODI Contact Lens' Marketing Strategy Essay by EssaySwap Contributor, University, Master's, February download word file, 4 pages download word file, 4 pages 2 votes4/5(2). The History Of Optical Distortion Marketing Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: they could either sell the product themselves or get a new bigger agreement with an established player in the contact lens industry.

Third, ODI lacks the financial support to introduce a new product considering they have onlyas initial investment.

Odi contact lens marketing strategy essay
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