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Sincethe Safety Board has issued over 60 recommendations addressing windshear and related weather issues. The NTSB and the addressee then typically engage in a series of exchanges, revisions, substitutions, and clarifications before a recommendation can be classified, Closed, Acceptable.

This allows the agency much more latitude when investigating accidents and making recommendations. In reality, the Board uses the lessons learned from real-world accidents as catalysts to prevent future occurrences.

The extensive recovery effort and subsequent investigation resulted in recommendations and improvements made in coordination with the FAA and Boeing Aircraft. Board Mission The primary function of the Board is to promote safety in transportation. These recommendations, the agency feels, have the most potential to improve safety, save lives, and reduce accidents and injuries.

The Safety Board concluded that these two accidents resulted from an anomaly termed controlled flight into terrain.

Each expert manages a group of other specialists from government agencies and industry in establishing a factual record of the accident Lebow, et al.

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The Party Process The party system allows the NTSB to leverage its limited resources and personnel by bringing into an investigation the technical expertise of the companies, entities and individuals that were involved in the accident or that might be able to provide specialized knowledge to assist in determining the probable cause of an accident.

Safety in air transportation is therefore a matter of significant national importance. Works Cited Donoghue, J. The common thread in these two accidents was that not one mechanical malfunction contributed to either accident.

As a result of the Safety Board s recommendations, research efforts were launched that increased our knowledge and understanding of windshear. Once a Most Wanted recommendation is classified, Closed, Acceptable, meaning suitable action has been taken to address the concern, it is taken off the list and replaced with a new one.

To prevent future accidents, save lives, and reduce injuries and property damage.

And although the NTSB s mission is primarily a proactive one the prevention of transportation accidents the agency accomplishes this mission by being reactive in responding to catastrophic events. National Archives and Records Administration. And although the NTSB investigates thousands of marine, rail, highway, pipeline and general aviation accidents each year, the public reputation and credibility of the Board substantially rests on its ability to determine the cause of major commercial aviation accidents Lebow, et al.

With the absence of a separate agency to report to, such as the FAA or DOT, the board can exercise its full discretion without fear of retribution.

That meeting is held to ensure that no errors exist in the investigation, and that there is agreement that all necessary steps have been completed.

The Investigative Process Selection The Board uses selection criteria to apply its limited investigative resources to those accidents that will generate the most safety benefits.

Summary The NTSB s vision is for the public to continue to have confidence in the nation s transportation systems, even when accidents do occur.

We Are All Safer. Its investigative practices, determination, the passion that its employees possess, and most of all, the commitment to improving all aspects of safety in transportation under scrutiny and the most demanding of circumstances, are what makes the National Transportation Safety Board the worldwide standard.

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When a fatal traffic accident happens, we expect the local police and prosecutors to handle the investigation and criminal charges. When a fatal airplane crash occurs however, we turn instead to the National Transportation Safety Board. The reason is that air crashes are complicated and the NTSB has.

The NTSB issued a safety report ON 9/11/ highlighting the need for better integration of motorcycles in crash warning and prevention systems and for more widespread availability of enhanced braking and stability control systems on motorcycles.

The DOT, FAA, and NTSB provide the important service of regulating the use of roads, waterways, and airways, by setting up laws holding corporations accountable for safely operating machinery, securing loads, and navigating rivers and bays without posing a threat to the wellbeing of the general populace in their daily lives.

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Join; Search; NTSB investigating reported fuel-tank explosion on Boeing in India The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is sending a team of investigators to Bangalore, India, to assist in the investigation of a reported wing fuel-tank explosion on a Transmile Airlines Boeing The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is an independent federal agency with a mandate to investigate accidents and promote safety in the transportation industry.

With its reputation for independence and objectivity, the NTSB is widely regarded as an author.

Ntsb research paper
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