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God the Father was never like us and we will never be like Him. After all, everyone has a Bible I can tell you who grew up Baptist, Catholic, or Lutheran. Would you agree with me that we both want to know the Father and do what He wants us to do?

Difference Mormonism jehovah witness to Concept of End of the World Both the denominations believe that after a massive turmoil on earth, Jesus would come back and reign as a king for years. If you were to say, "Father receive my spirit," who would you be praying to? Do you pray that prayer.

Within a span of fifteen years the movement spread to Canada, Germany, Australia, France, and other European countries. No, what I mean is. At first, we were all concerned how this would affect our witnessing efforts, but as it has turned out, all it did was scatter Christians out around the city of Manti, instead of being gathered into one place.

As a convert I actually know. Present the gospel Remember, a false Jesus cannot save. There are books there were in it, books removed, put back in, and taken out.

Even now as I drive past neighborhoods, I can recall certain people and conversations at particular houses. The New World Translation and the Watchtower tracts systematically set out to eliminate evidence for the deity of Christ.

If not, at least the seeds of truth will have been planted and he will have been exposed to the true Jesus. Do you worship Jesus? It is the only one of the four standard works Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price that is not considered infallible.

They have their own Bible where they have mistranslated the word worship, wherever it refers to Jesus, to the words do obeisance which means to show respect or honor to someone. The world has a Bible already. Elderly retired couples may also take part in missions. If you can prove a Cultist wrong in a minor point of theology, he is still a Cultist.

Again, my witness is More Sure than yours. Neither group believes in the Trinity in the same way that mainstream Christians do, with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit equal and of the same being.

However, small groups of Mormons have split from the Church of Jesus Christ throughout its history.

What is the difference between Mormons and Jehovah's witness?

Jesus said to pray to the Father. Search for "Are You Saved? We have today without a doubt the very Word of God, as it was first conveyed to us by divine inspiration. Remember, Jesus was made for a little while lower than the angels Heb. The verses for these are: If the person says he worships Jesus, ask him how he can do that without praying to Him.

They consider Jesus as less than God. He is Jehovah of the O. If it had not been for Joseph Smith and the restoration of truth, there would be no salvation.

JW - The place that God dwells. It is what we are to follow.Introduction Jehovah's Witness and Mormon, both are orthodox Christian denominations driven by common ideology of restorationism or primitivism Christianity. The founders of the denominations subscribed to the view that Christianity and the affairs of Church should be restored along the line of early period apostolic.

Difference Between Jehovah’s Witness And Mormon

Dec 31,  · What Richard Mouw Gets Right, and Dan Delzell Gets Wrong, About Mormonism Richard Mouw Gets Mauled by Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses, through The New World Translation, claim that their version Occupation: CP Guest Contributor. The Jehovah's Witness religion and Mormonism both began in 19th-century America, and a single person founded each: Joseph Smith founded the Mormon faith and Charles Taze Russell founded the Witnesses.

Jehovah's Witnesses, through The New World Translation, claim that their version of the Bible is scholarly and more accurate. However, the translators were not biblical scholars or theologians. David Reed, an ex-Witness, says that the New World Translation came into being in for the sole purpose of eliminating the deity of Christ.

Dec 29,  · I understand the differences between the Witness view of Jesus (Arian heresy) and orthodox Christianity (Trinitarian) view. I also agree that the NWT is a flawed translation in a few notable places. Jan 16,  · LDS caller tries to tell Shawn that Mormonism produces good fruit!

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Mormonism jehovah witness
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