How to write a daily diary in industrial training solutions

Has completed the design of foundation plan for the site I was assigned to at Thapar University.

Dairy of 28th, Mar 40 RCC plinth beams were constructed. While steel reinforcements are still being tied in some remaining portions.

Daily diary 9th Feb As per the plans, Bhoomi Poojan of the site was to be done on 15th Feb and all the designs were to be completed at least one week before so that proper scheduling of all the activities can be done.

The report explains briefly the details of all the activities with each project been involved in outlined under each chapter. Viva Marks are allocated on a percentage basis and a pass is awarded on a grading system.

I learnt how to operate baking machine, like oven, micro wave etc. Erected the Steel Components for ground floor area A1. Construction of 20 RCC Plinth beams begun. The industrial training part of HND students is provided by our authority and there results are notified to the respective Institutions as in the above case for them to become eligible for their certificates.

PCC layer was still being laid. Daily diary 3rd Mar PCC for 12 more columns was laid. Refer the table given below for more details. This is a unit where ice cream and pop corn are produced and sold to customers. Daily diary 10th Feb For project management, It was decided the Microsoft Project will be used and all the work shall be done on it.

Daily diary 6th Feb This day as well I was analyzing and studying the foundation plans of the site.


Ltd got together with Interarch team and decided to plan various activities of the project. My exposure to the practical carried out at Nkwegu Ugbala Grand Arena has impart knowledge after venturing as a source of assistance in various department mostly in production unit and restaurant section.

I equally learnt when making any pastries you have to add the ingredients one after the other when it is necessary. The Company normally have light problem. Daily diary 2nd Mar PCC for 12 more columns was laid.

Daily Diary of Industrial Training

Laying of RCC column footings begun for 20 more. Laying of RCC floor was started. Steel reinforcements for the floor were being tied.


Completed and delivered additional assignment. Laying of PCC for foundation begun today for 12 columns Daily diary 23rd Feb The excavation was going on today as well.

Daily diary 18th Feb The excavation was going on today. Report on In-plant Training Attendance and conduct during their training.

Daily diary 24th Feb The excavation was going on today as well. Project management team then started working on planning all the resources their allocations.

My Industrial Training was very educative and enjoyable because the programme exposed me to learn many things and to be self reliance without depending on - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

Industrial Training Daily Diary SANT LONGOWAL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY Maintain a diary to write daily training report. You may over 5. home industrial training industrial training attachment report sample how to write the report and defend it.

INDUSTRIAL TRAINING DIARY DCRUST When you are in a training programme, please remember: T: To be in time on your seat completed, he should write departmental report in the daily diary. Report should include description of the department/Section/Shop, the processes and procedures followed in it.

EE Industrial Training Monthly Report Guide Page 1 of 6 INTRODUCTION prepare their own logbooks to write down daily reports / summaries. The (E.g. Diary form, table form, paragraph form, point form, etc). EE Industrial Training Monthly Report Guide Page 2 of 6. Daily Diary of Industrial Training This is the daily diary of industrial training, It contains the daily work done by me or under my supervision.

DAILY DIARY INDUSTRIAL TRAINING. My first choice is a plain text file in Dropbox (or Google Drive, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, etc). I also write in as a personal game to write words a day.

What software is useful for writing and maintaining a personal diary? Update Cancel. ad by Jira Software, Atlassian What is the best way to write a personal diary.

How to write a daily diary in industrial training solutions
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