How does karma affect you

The re-action or effect can itself also influence an action, and in this way, the chain of causation continues ad infinitum. You should immediately stop any activity or mindset that is destructive or abusive to others or yourself.

To be sure, this subconscious memory has an effect and influence on how we think, how we react, what we choose, and even how we look! You are just creating the same karmic waves that you did in the previous life, but doing it now.

Accompanying this usually is a separate tenet called Vipaka, meaning result or effect. This karma allows for the individual to break the endless cycle of rebirth, and thereby leave samsara permanently.

Current abilities, talents and inclinations can attributed to past development of these talents or involvement with the same See also Sanchita Karma and Samskara. While the action of karma may be compared with the Western notions of sin and judgment by God or gods, Karma is held to operate as an inherent principle of the Universe without the intervention of any supernatural being.

Hurrying will not get you there any faster, but delaying will just push off your positive, pleasant reality even longer and will have you reaping a negative, unpleasant reality for that much longer. Karma is merely a gap in your understanding. It may seem fun to be destructive and oppressive to others, but those aspects are not much fun when they are forced upon you, as they will be with the return of your karmic wave.

One may be born for example as a genius or prodigy, in math for example, if he develops this skill or have been of service now or having done so to a prodigous degree in the past or present.


You can see, again, the glory and the trap of the system. In the physical system that period is about seven-years. The farmer who ceases to abuse his land will not see a bountiful harvest right away. Accidents happen outside the workings of karma and free will is a powerful factor in determining the course of life.

All actions, thoughts, vibrations of any sort, are governed by a law that demands perfect rebound. Often misunderstood in the West as "cause and effect", in actuality, Karma literally means "action" - often indicating intent or cause.

It is a topic with many misunderstandings. Even infants begin to build a karmic wave, though that wave is not noticeable because it does not show itself in regular physical ways.

Getting hit by a car may really be accidental and not karmic at all. Also, thinking logically about it, karmic waves reaching from a previous live into a present life are just not practical.

Also, keeping in mind How does karma affect you karma can be positive will help you to more quickly weed out any negative attitudes or ways and have you creating more of those positive aspects in your life. In Hinduism, karma works within a cyclical framework that sees the phenomenal universe being created and eventually dissolving back into itself, back into realization that it was nothing other than Maya imposed on the truth of Brahman.

The key, naturally, to freeing yourself from a negative, unpleasant karmic wave is to begin to build a new positive, pleasant karmic wave.Technically speaking, karma does not affect the soul, karma only affects the mind and the body.

It is said - asango hi'yam purusah - the soul is never touched by matter. Due to ahamkara or the false ego the soul identifies with the body and mind and thus suffers or enjoys according to the conditions of the body and mind. But this is all like a dream for the soul. You are bound karmically to anything that you accept, or misunderstand, until you understand it.

Karma is merely a gap in your understanding. And, karma applies only to beings who have advanced to the level of experiencing in the forms of the human kingdom. Karma, put simply, is the cumulative positive or negative result from your thoughts, actions, and reality creating as that result affects your present reality.

Karma is your own personal look into the reality-mirror and the seeing of the inner you expressing itself within time and space.

Karma has two meanings - (1) action (2) the law of cause and effect. For the sake of ease I’m going to call these Karma1 and Karma2. Dharma offers you the choices you have for your Karma1.

12 Little Known Laws of Karma (That Will Change Your Life) To stop being afraid and to start being empowered in the worlds of karma and reincarnation, here is what you need to know about - "As you sow, so shall you reap". This is also known as the "Law of Cause and Effect".

- Whatever we put out in the Universe is what comes back to us.

If you do the right thing, good things will come back to you as reward. If you do the wrong thing, bad things will come back to you as punishment. It's also talked about as if this currency stays with you until things are "evened out". That is, negative karma stays with you no matter how much good you do until it takes its full effect.

How does karma affect you
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