Business report 40 under 40 2015 richmond

It all started in when he was finishing campus at Strathmore.

2015 Top 40 Under 40

He is also the editor-at-large of Msafiri Magazine. After joining UON to study medicine, he changed his mind after two years; he shifted his course to Bcom, which would later lead him to his present position. He has also been a lecturer at his alma mater, Strathmore University for 12 years.

So we had a very strong family foundation, and so after I grew up and my passion for community service and educational, social opportunities continued to grow and advance, I realized why not and part of change continuously?

When he was younger, he never imagined himself in this field. He used to own a literacy library and would sell lecture notes on CDs to students. He currently has over 2, clients across East Africa, including parastatals and corporates.

He has enabled many libraries access the internet, a vital part of the 21st century life.

Forty Under 40: The honorees

He enrolled in Strathmore to study Accounting but later changed his mind. So we came into Richmond five years ago and we said, we like Richmond. We put this church in the Byrd Theatre, approached them, said, "Hey, can we do church there?

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Tell me how, having that experience, has helped you in your current profession. He studied at Egerton University and graduated with a First Class in double mathematics. He is also the brainchild behind the Pan African Leadership Incubator that equips women, young and people living with disabilities with entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

Meet The Business Daily Top 40 Under 40 Men In 2015

Chris Barras is the lead pastor of the Area 10 Faith Community. And so through my programs and through my work in education, I decided to come back and serve as a leader in that capacity. After graduating from Kenyatta University with a BSc. Anybody can love God when things are good, but what about when things are bad?

Questworks now has over employees, mainly risk analysts, architects, project managers, master planners among others. He is currently the CEO of the company and has helped expand its portfolio, from precious stones, OTC pharmaceutical products to real estate.

He started blogging back in having worked with Adam, which came to an end. His family values are inspired by tennis champions Roger Federer and Andy Murray.

You will be honored tonight at the Marriott at a very interesting event, interesting because you will be there. Chris, you have a church at the Byrd Theatre -- not what people traditionally think.

His start was an internship at a mission hospital, from which he ventured into private practise, then joined an NGO in Kibera before joining GSK. They have them, but it takes, as leaders, as community members, it takes us to take their hand and walk them along the journey of success.

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He has had quite a journey discovering his real purpose in life. To give them hope and dreams and aspirations.Meet The Business Daily Top 40 Under 40 Men In Meet The Business Daily Top 40 Under 40 Men In Latest; Exclusives.

Mpasho Investigates; Wembe; Entertainment. Events; Music & Radio; Photos; to work. He would later study International Business Administration at USIU and Gemmology at the Gemmological Institute of America.

The latest group of Business in Vancouver’s Forty Under 40 winners has been announced. Business in Vancouver announces its Forty Under 40 winners - Human Resources & Education | Business in. May 12,  · 40 Under 40 news from the Albany Business Review, including the latest news, articles, quotes, blog posts, photos, video and more.

40 Under 40 Class of Get to know these young Bay Area business titans (Photos). 49 rows · Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of the most influential young people in business features Donald Glover and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Forty Under The honorees. Business Report‘s Forty Under 40 celebrates the best and brightest professionals in the Capital Region. Here’s the .

Business report 40 under 40 2015 richmond
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