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The lacking traffic system in the central metropolitan areas of Calcutta is exemplify by a six hour bus trip for the children to travel thirty miles. Not only are the women mistreated but so are the children.

Gour, age 13, Born into brothels essay one of the best senses of humor and is the most socially aware of the kids.

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These sex workers are socially shunned, and since prostitution is illegal, the women are extremely susceptible to extortion, blackmail, rape, or murder by local gangsters, pimps and the police.

Many of the acts performed by sex workers take place in the women is living spaces, and children unable to escape to the roofs of the brothels, must hear the acts taking place. Shanti, age 11, loves to photograph and even is crafty with the video camera, yet she is somewhat of a primadona.

Suchitra, age 14, is the oldest of the group and a gifted photographer. The women are forced into prostitution and the children forced into empty lives that provide no hope for the future. Zana soon began to notice that the children were warming up to her much more quickly and that they were amazed by all the camera equipment.

The movie begins by showing the conditions of the brothels; living quarters are as small as an average American bedroom, and are usually Born into brothels essay by as many as of seven individuals.

Born into Brothels however, is a story about the power of human imagination and determination. It was so amazing to watch the children play and be amazed by the little things we take for granted such as seeing people in the street and waving to them.

Even though these are different places they all provide the same thing for the children, a place away from home. Daily they must see their grandmothers, mothers, and sisters being mistreated by men and pimps. One way the culture of the people can be seen is in the backdrop of the documentary.

Kochi, age 10, is strong and resilient and uses her camera to escape her surroundings.

Born Into Brothels

My favorite child in the documentary was Kochi. Born into Brothels not only offers a look into the lives of eight youth, the movie explores fundamental ideologies regarding the status of women in that society.

Through the documentary we see what the children that are born into the brothels are forced to endure. Women in India are routinely bought and sold as early as age eight and many are forced to become sex workers. They neither have the money nor the supervision to take them there.

I feel that the way they structured the struggle to get the children in school entwined with the biographies of the children was in a way showing us that sometimes even adults can not help these children. I think I fell in love with her innocence. All the Calcutta youth display the same wonderment that American child claim as birth right, while seeming thoroughly appreciative for the chance to simply be introduced to a camera.

These places may nto be far from where they live but they are places in which the children would never go. Many of the youth started displaying such strong internal loci of control as the movie evolved and really took responsibility for their own futures.

In one of the first scenes of the film, we are introduced to some of the children by witnessing them playing and taking photographs in the streets. Throughout the documentary in the background we can see the many women standing in the street waiting for clients.

India is a country with an extraordinary history, yet suffers from massive overpopulation, environmental degradation, extreme poverty, and religious strife. Outside, an opening scene shows alleys teaming with rats and starving animals.

Through many of their personal interviews, the girls routinely comment on the possibility of having to "join the line", and many express that they want a better life for themselves.

As the children are telling us their stories we see Zana trying to get them into different schools to help educate them. The children show a remarkable ability to completely understand the situation in which they live, yet still rely on the magic of youth to counteract its effects.

Another theme interwoven into the story and equally compelling was the relationship between the people and the environment of Calcutta. Avijit, age 12, is a true artist, the most talented of the children and has an equally talented ego.

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Free Essay: An intense portrayal of life at the extremes, Born into Brothels is a movie that challenges our perception of human resilience. The documentary. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Born Into Brothels Essay.

In this comparative essay I will be comparing the lives of the children in the film, Born into Brothels, to the lives of the children who are born in.

"Born into Brothels" is an important film because it forces the viewer to see these far away children as people and to realize that when we reach out to one another, we can make a difference, even if it is only temporary/5(). Born Into Brothels This essay Born Into Brothels is available for you on Essayscom!

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