Autobiography of a storybook

I was bought to be placed in this library and during the decades that followed, many people borrowed me and read me. In another life I was a voracious reader. These people coming in and going out of the shop gave me and my other colleagues a lot of entertainment.

Call it my luck. I believe this subject is a subject of numbers and the tiny squares on my body make it easy for children to write one number in one square. She will definitely keep me till her final exams. At the shop I had great company of, firstly my own kin, and then the customers who came to the shop.

Sadly, Judy and I lost touch as time passed. Now again, luck was to be tested. We constantly bought, borrowed and exchanged books. As soon as all my sheets are full, I will be of no use and then my little mistress will throw me and buy another like me.

One fine morning when the shop had just opened, a lady customer came and asked for fifty copies of my clan. Not only was I reminded of a sweet and memorable time, but it also made me wonder about the life of a book. Now, of course, I am an old book, collecting dust in a corner shelf of the library in Town Hall.

I was sent to the printing press. The way into my heart was to buy me a book, My wishlist was filled with books I wanted to read and little else.

Wonder what will happen to us all books in this library. Borrowed ones not returned. At least, they all used me to enhance their knowledge.

autobiography of a storybook with 10000 words

Customers coming, giving long lists of stationery items they wanted, arguing with the shopkeeper kept all of us entertained all the time. After some time I do not know how much, I started waiting eagerly for a customer to come and take me away from here and give me a change. She was like a sister to me.

When I look back at my life it has throughout been an eventful one, full of love, thrill and excitement. I still remember the day when my sheets or rather, my organs were all put together and bound into one piece of a copy book.

On my body, there are hundred sheets of paper all of which have small squares printed on them. Our vacations were spent lying around reading everything we could lay our hands on.

The distribution started and my heart came into my mouth with all the worries in my mind. This is an example of imaginative writing.

The Autobiography of a Book

This depression did not last for a very long time.As you write your autobiography, think about the ways that your family celebrated or observed certain days, events, and months, and tell your audience about special moments. Consider these questions: What was the most special gift you ever received?

What was the event or occasion surrounding that gift? On this page you can read or download Autobiography Of A Storybook in PDF format. The book chronicles his life from beginning to more-or-less present time. As I read the book it was almost as if Willie were sitting there telling me the story of his life.

An avid reader, I probably go through 20 or more books a year. I put It's a Long Story: My Life on my list of the last 20 I've read/5(K).

LifeBio provides an online template of biography questions that have been carefully crafted to bring out interesting and priceless life stories.

23+ Autobiography Outline Templates – DOC, PDF

Topics in the LifeBio system include family history, people that made a difference, childhood memories, historical events, the “real world” of adulthood, and life lessons and beliefs. I am an old shabby, story-book. I have become dirty and dog-eared. I am handled very roughly by my present owner.

How I wish for the old days when I was a slender pine tree in a mountain forest! The breeze blew softly through me. The birds sat on me and sang sweetly. I was very happy then. One sad day I was cruelly felled by workmen.

Mar 02,  · An autobiography of a story book My name is ‘Arabian Nights’. I am a colorful and attractive book.

autobiography of a storybook

I was printed in New Zealand and was later shipped to Singapore. It was a long tiring journey. As soon as I reached the Singapore harbor, I was taken to a bookshop.

I was displayed on a shelf with other new books.

Autobiography of a storybook
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