A discussion of the thorny issue of sepertion between quebec and canada

Published April 12, Updated May 8, Thirty years after the patriation of the Constitution, Quebec and the rest of Canada remain as divided as ever over the need to bring Quebec into the constitutional fold, according to a recent poll. However in the rest of Canada, 40 per cent know that patriation also involved adopting the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, something only 35 per cent of Quebeckers know.

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The worst possible scenario is with tempers running high, a small conflict could escalate quickly, leading to a larger scale military intervention. The poll shows that Quebeckers want constitutional change and that 71 per cent of them believe that proposals for renewed federalism should be initiated by the province.

About half of Quebeckers and 46 per cent of those in the rest of Canada say it is not. However, this figure is by no means agreed upon. Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement The rift between Quebec and the rest of Canada widens even more when asked about how the federal government proceeded in patriating the Constitution.

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Quebec separation: can Canada be broken up?

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Story continues below After Quebec votes to separate, there would be a series of discussions between the Quebec and Federal government over debt, trade relations and monetary policy.

If debate over constitutional renewal remains taboo then nothing will be done and Quebec will be permanently excluded from the Canadian constitutional fold.

Nationalists in Quebec did resort to violence during the October Crisis ofand as a response the Federal government instituted the now defunct War Measures Act to declare martial law. Insults and personal attacks will not be tolerated. In online speak, writing in ALL CAPS is considered yelling, and may be interpreted as aggressive behaviour, which is unpleasant for the people reading.

An even greater proportion say that even if talks were held, they would have no chance of succeeding. Users must register, and give their full name and place of residence, which are displayed alongside each of their comments.

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Pelletier said in an Radio-Canada television interview. Federalists are afraid of failing, he said, as they did with the Meech Lake constitutional accord or the Charlottetown accord. Less than one-third of those surveyed in the rest of Canada compared to half of those in Quebec knew that the constitutional conference was about the patriation of the Constitution.

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Why Does Quebec Want to Separate From Canada?

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Otherwise, you may be banned from posting. Rocher stated in his presentation. Moreover, recent polls in Quebec indicate that only 33 per cent of Quebecers are in favour of separation. Insulting, threatening or harassing another user is prohibited.Could Quebec really separate?

On the issue of any unilateral declaration of independence, the law is succinct: “Whereas the Supreme Court of Canada has confirmed that there is no right.

Quebec's distinctive language and culture have led many of its residents to ask for separation from the rest of Canada from time to time.

Quebec has long been different from the rest of Canada, even when the whole region was still part of the British Empire rather than an independent country. The question of religion and identity was a thorny issue for the NDP in the last federal election, and one that may have contributed to the party’s slide in a province that had previously helped vault it to official Opposition status.

The politics of Canada without Quebec: A situation that could go from bad to worse While it would be in both parties interest to have an amicable discussion, there are numerous issues that. Quebec is an integral part of Canada, just as Canada is inextricably tied to Quebec’s identity.

Although there is a long history of tension between English Canadians and French Canadians, Quebec separating from Canada is NOT the answer as it would be detrimental to both Quebec and Canada. Quebec separation: can Canada be broken up?

By Marc Montgomery | [email protected] Monday 24 March,1 Comment ↓ The provincial election in the mainly French-speaking province of Quebec is once again focusing on the issue of a referendum to separate from Canada and .

A discussion of the thorny issue of sepertion between quebec and canada
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